Humans of Bitcoin


Humans of Bitcoin

  • From Bodog to Bitcoin - Calvin Ayre

    Calvin Ayre

    Calvin Ayre is a semi retired crypto billionaire setting Antigua up as a Bitcoin Cash haven. We talk why he takes Craig Wright's advice, his new BCH wellness retreat and who Satoshi really is. (It's not who you thought) .

  • War Veteran Adam Kokesh Takes On Trump

    After the Iraq War, Adam Kokesh turned his rebellious streak on the US govt. The #FinallyFreeAmerica campaign & running for POTUS is just one of his tactics. Is a libertarian, decentralized lifestyle the only option for a free America?

  • Retired Vegas Gigolo Turned Crypto Innovator

    Vin Armani

    Vin Armani, star of Showtime's reality show ‘Gigolo’s', gets personal with Matt on social engineering, escorting in Vegas and why he is making Bitcoin Cash useable off-line.

  • Erik Finman - Crypto will save the world

    Erik Finman

    Stopping his own Colombian kidnap with an app, planning a decentralized society and future proofing his finances. It’s all in a days work for Erik Finman.