Humans of Bitcoin


Humans of Bitcoin

  • Feeding Venezuelans with Bitcoin - Jose of EatBCH

    Jose is the cofounder of EatBCH, a charity that feeds Venezuelans using Bitcoin Cash donations from around the world. What is life like in Venezuela today? How does commerce work and what money is used?

  • John McAfee: Life and Crypto (NSFW)

    On the cutting edge of tech since the 1980's, John has seen it all. One thing is for certain: cryptocurrencies and blockchain have not "won" anything. The fight for a better future is just getting started.

  • The BCH Wolf of Johannesburg

    In Johannesburg, Sibo aka the BCH Wolf and ambassador tirelessly works to help increase adoption of bitcoin. What does she think Nelson Mandela would think about bitcoin?

  • Ernesto Huerta - Bitcoin Freedom in Los Angeles

    He’s been scammed more times than you can imagine. Ernesto is resilient though .. His undenying faith in cryptocurrency has changed his life. Instead of lambos, he chose to launch Cryptospace.

  • Vinny Lingham Leads From The Front

    Vinny Lingham

    A big shark from South Africa and a veteran entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He entered the world of Bitcoin early 2013 and was responsible for 5% of all transactions Gyft. Now, he leads the startup Civic.