Humans of Bitcoin


Humans of Bitcoin

  • Rory MacDonald - MMA and Bitcoin

    Rory has become the defacto "Bitcoin Guy" in the MMA circuit. The current Bellator Welterweight World Champion, we talk about his life as a pro fighter and thoughts on cryptocurrency.

  • The Future of Bitcoin in India - Nischal of WazirX

    A country with 1.3 billion people and less than 20% of citizens have a bank account.. The central bank (RBI) is back and forth on Bitcoin regulations. Nischal is on a mission to involve every Indian in the Blockchain revolution.

  • Feeding Venezuelans with Bitcoin - Jose of EatBCH

    Jose is the cofounder of EatBCH, a charity that feeds Venezuelans using Bitcoin Cash donations from around the world. What is life like in Venezuela today? How does commerce work and what money is used?

  • John McAfee: Life and Crypto (NSFW)

    On the cutting edge of tech since the 1980's, John has seen it all. One thing is for certain: cryptocurrencies and blockchain have not "won" anything. The fight for a better future is just getting started.