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  1. From Bodog to Bitcoin - Calvin Ayre

    Calvin Ayre

    Calvin Ayre is a semi retired crypto billionaire setting Antigua up as a Bitcoin Cash haven. We talk why he takes Craig Wright's advice, his new BCH wellness retreat and who Satoshi really is. (It's not who you thought) .

  2. War Veteran Adam Kokesh Takes On Trump

    After the Iraq War, Adam Kokesh turned his rebellious streak on the US govt. The #FinallyFreeAmerica campaign & running for POTUS is just one of his tactics. Is a libertarian, decentralized lifestyle the only option for a free America?

Blockchain 2025

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  1. Black Markets On The Blockchain

    The underground/shadow economy could be as much as 75% of the world’s economy. It can be seen from the vibrant streets of South East Asia to the Shanzhai economy of Shenzhen that shuns intellectual property.