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  1. How Nuklai Is Fueling the Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

    Matthijs de Vries

    Nuklai is a collaborative marketplace and infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It is also a reservoir for community-driven data analysis. Nuklai brings data editors and the datasets of successful modern businesses into one ecosystem

Token Narratives

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  1. Token Narratives 7

    The Crew are joined by Zano co-founders Pavel Ravaga and Andrey Sabelnikov to discuss Zano's groundbreaking privacy features.

  2. Token Narratives 6

    The Crew give their vibe check before pontificating on meme coins, including a discussion of DJT (Donald J Trump) token. Later, they go into the airdrop meta.

  3. Token Narratives 5

    Join the crew as we discuss Trump's crypto-positive statements, macro news, the state of merchant adoption in crypto, and much much more.