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How Nuklai Is Fueling the Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

Matthijs de Vries

Nuklai is a collaborative marketplace and infrastructure provider for data ecosystems. It is also a reservoir for community-driven data analysis. Nuklai brings data editors and the datasets of successful modern businesses into one ecosystem

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Matthijs de Vries is the Founder and CEO of Nuklai. He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the intersection of crypto and artificial intelligence, smart data, crowd sourcing Nuklai's Bitcoin Price Sentiment Campaign, how you can start leveraging datasets without being a programmer and much more.

Matthijs is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for blockchain technology, as well as its role in the future of data and AI. He is currently building the collaborative smart data ecosystem and decentralized data infrastructure provider, Nuklai. With extensive experience in DeFi and Web3, Matthijs is also one of the co-founders of tokenization infrastructure expert, Nexera (fka AllianceBlock), DeFi trading strategy software provider Nuant, and a strategic advisor for the smart wallet project Brillion.

To learn more about the project visit Nukl.AI, and follow the team on X and Telegram.

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