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Starting a Brokerage With B2Trader: Diversification Strategies for Brokers

Andrew Matushkin and Leon Abouissa

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B2Broker is a global liquidity provider that combines numerous B2B services under its umbrella, including CRM systems, payment processing solutions, and advanced trading software solutions. Founded in 2014, B2Broker has constantly iterated on its strong foundation, adding new features and improvements to its liquidity and white-label offerings. B2Broker’s expansive ecosystem includes B2BinPay, B2Core, B2Prime, B2Copy, and B2Trader. Together, they provide a full-stop B2B technology infrastructure for fintech businesses across the globe.

Two members of the B2Broker business development team recently joined the News Podcast to talk about diversification strategies for brokers:

As the head of the business development department at B2Broker, Andrew Matushkin is dedicated to expanding B2Broker’s reach as a global supplier of crypto and forex technology and liquidity solutions. Andrew’s business experience and expertise in the B2B niche allow him to be an invaluable core team member, catalyzing the group’s growth efforts.

With extensive experience in client and business communications, Leon Abouissa provides a much-needed professional presence on B2Broker’s frontlines. Leon is at the forefront of business development at B2Broker, providing new solutions and improvements to the existing business model.

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