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How to Power the Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Revolution

HyperCycle CEO Toufi Saliba

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HyperCycle was founded in October 2022 following discussions between CEO Toufi Saliba and Ben Goertzel, founder of SingularityNet, at the global AGI summit in 2021. The company focuses on developing a General Purpose Technology supporting a decentralized network for AI-to-AI communication, designed to scale with the worldwide demand for AI consumption.

Leveraging technologies such as the TODA Protocol, Earth64 data structure, and SingularityNet's Liquid Reputation model, HyperCycle aims to create a secure, efficient, and globally accessible platform for AI collaboration. Its CEO, Toufi Saliba, recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the technology.

Toufi holds positions as the Global Chair of IEEE AI Standards, Chair of ACM PB CC, and is a founding member of DAIA (Decentralized AI Alliance). He has been an invited honorary speaker at major global events, including WIC, ITU, UN, Busan, and the Korean National Assembly. In 2021, he posed a thought-provoking question about the global race towards AGI at the global AGI summit. This led to the decision to build an AI brain on the Toda/IP protocol, an initiative he chose to lead.

In October 2022, HyperCycle was launched, focusing on customers who recognize the power of cooperative intelligence. The business model is B2B, with zero transaction fees and 1% on royalties. To date, over 300,000 licenses have been sold, and a token sale was initiated with 60 months tokenomics.

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