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Why Oracles, Bridges, and VRF Services Are so Important to Bitcoin L2 dApps

Supra CEO Josh Tobkin

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Supra is a next-generation, vertically integrated blockchain ecosystem with powerful smart contracts, native Oracles, cross-chain communication, automation, and more into one unified, shared security infrastructure.

Josh Tobkin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Supra. He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the future of the crypto ecosystem and how his company fits into it. Other interesting topics discussed were his professional journey from making money in online poker to using slot machine psychology to promote crypto education, the future of Defi on Bitcoin and even using blockchain to keep AI honest and robots safe and much more.

Josh Tobkin is a passionate founder and entrepreneur with over 15 years of technology leadership, including significant experience in SaaS businesses with a focus on digital payments and online gaming. Josh has held a variety of positions in growth-stage companies, including Creative Director and CTO.

After his first successful exit, Josh entered the blockchain industry in late 2016, organizing groups of developers and founders to evaluate whitepapers that showcased promising research. After founding a blockchain lab in 2018, he became the project’s lead architect and co-designed Supra’s state-of-the-art Moonshot consensus algorithm.

Supra’s core products include the world’s most decentralized blockchain oracle protocol, which currently services 500+ data pairs and is currently deployed to 60+ chains. Supra's other essential products include distributed Verifiable Random Function (VRF) services, trustless, decentralized blockchain bridges, and a revolutionary cross-chain liquidity provisioning protocol.

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