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How UpRock Is Using AI, DePIN and Crypto Rewards to Attract New Users to Web3 in an Age Where Data Is the New Oil

Jesse Adams and Chris O’Connell

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About the Episode

UpRock is a groundbreaking platform that merges blockchain and AI, allowing users to monetize their unused internet bandwidth. With a focus on democratizing data access and fostering an open AI ecosystem, UpRock is at the forefront of the digital revolution.

The co-founders of UpRock, Jesse Adams (CEO) and Chris O’Connell (CTO), recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the project.

The UpRock co-founders are seasoned serial entrepreneurs with a notable track record in the tech industry, boasting two successful exits. They co-founded Tenta, a privacy-centric mobile browser featuring a built-in VPN and total data encryption, which garnered attention from Forbes, NPR, ZDNet, Geekwire, and more, and was acquired by the publicly traded cybersecurity company Avast. They also launched MiKandi, a third-party app store with over 15 million users, highlighted in major media outlets like WIRED, Parts Unknown, Huffington Post, Vice, and HBO, which was later acquired by a private entity. Additionally, they co-founded BitBase, a premier validator and infrastructure provider that specializes in high-performance, globally distributed servers using top-tier NVMe and high RAM nodes, offering professional node deployment and management services for multiple blockchains.

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