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  1. How to take control of your career - Derek Magill

    Supporter of Bitcoin Cash and the 1%, successfully sued The University Of Michigan after a disagreement over multi-cultural protests. He went on to create Praxis, wrote a book and now helps others build a future, without a degree.

  2. From Wall Street to Bitcoin - Caitlin Long

    Caitlin Long

    Caitlin Long, boss of Wall Street came ‘out’ as a Bitcoin supporter in 2013. To embrace Bitcoin fully, she had to unlearn everything she knew about economics. The Forbes columnist and economic influencer knows it’s the future.

Blockchain 2025

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  1. Blockchain - Dont Believe the Hype

    Obviously, we’re huge fans of distributed, decentralized ledger technology. But it has to be said that probably the vast, vast number of blockchain-related projects are outright scams, utter bullshit.

  2. File Storage - Dropbox, Amazon S3, Sia, Storj

    Decentralized file storage on the blockchain is up to 90% cheaper than traditional cloud storage services like Dropbox. Just like Uber allows you to drive for money, services like Sia and Storj let you rent your hard drive for money.