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Creating a More Fair Ecosystem for Stakers and Validators With Bahamut Blockchain

Pavel Aramyan

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The Bahamut blockchain is an innovative EVM-based, layer 1 solution, renowned for its security, decentralization, and scalability. It uses the FTN coin for network operations, cross-chain functionalities, and rewards. Notably secure, Bahamut has passed CERTIK and HEXENS assessments and introduces a unique Proof of Stake and Activity (POSA) consensus mechanism, rewarding validators based on engagement with their applications.

Pavel Aramyan, with almost five years of experience in web3 technology, is the Blockchain Program Lead at Bahamut. He has expertise in successfully leading Web3 projects and product development, such as NFTs, ERC20 tokens, DeFi products, and has been working on Bahamut since day one.

The Bahamut Foundation has launched the Bahamut Grants program, offering 10 million $FTN to support projects in areas like bridges, multi-signature wallets, DEXs, and RNG oracles. The program aims to foster Web3 development, supporting the Solidity language to attract more developers. Applications are open on the Bahamut Arena Grants webpage, promising opportunities for those looking to innovate in the Web3 space.

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