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Humans of Bitcoin

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  1. Taking The Leap - Didi of The Bitcoin Family

    Recently featured in the WSJ, the Bitcoin family has been a media sensation since 2017 when they sold their house for bitcoin, began a minimalist lifestyle, and started to travel the world.

Blockchain 2025

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  1. Coworking on the Blockchain

    For less than 1 Euro, Blake booked a coworking hot desk for 1 day in Berlin. He used crypto and purchased through a blockchain coworking startup. Could this be a thing?

  2. Decentralized Internet (Everything) - Tron

    Kobe Bryant speaking at their 2019 conference is in line with their style; making big waves. Tron is working to create a new internet. Do they have a chance at pulling it off?

Calle Bitcoin

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  1. Ingreso Básico Universal

    Hoy en #CalleBitcoin conversamos sobre el uso de crypto en la idea de dar a cada persona un ingreso básico incondicional.