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Humans of Bitcoin

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  1. Feeding Venezuelans with Bitcoin - Jose of EatBCH

    Jose is the cofounder of EatBCH, a charity that feeds Venezuelans using Bitcoin Cash donations from around the world. What is life like in Venezuela today? How does commerce work and what money is used?

  2. John McAfee: Life and Crypto (NSFW)

    On the cutting edge of tech since the 1980's, John has seen it all. One thing is for certain: cryptocurrencies and blockchain have not "won" anything. The fight for a better future is just getting started.

  3. The BCH Wolf of Johannesburg

    In Johannesburg, Sibo aka the BCH Wolf and ambassador tirelessly works to help increase adoption of bitcoin. What does she think Nelson Mandela would think about bitcoin?

Blockchain 2025

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  1. Trust Machine by Alex Winter (Part 1)

    A blockchain documentary by the renouned Alex Winter narrated by Rosario Dawson with Joe Lubin as exec producer. We preview the Los Angeles screening which is less than 48 hours away.

Calle Bitcoin

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  1. Bitnation la primera nación virtual voluntaria

    Hoy en Calle Bitcoin conversamos sobre Bitnation, qué es y cómo es una herramienta de libertad. Bitnation es un gran proyecto que con tecnología Blockchain está proporcionando herramientas que compiten con los servicios que presta un estado