Blockchain 2025


Blockchain 2025

  • Voting and Elections

    Blockchain has the potential to get more people to vote. Time and money can be saved. And accuracy should increase. Listen to find out how the future of voting might look.

  • Storytelling

    Thesis: A story can be created among people from all over the world. Immutable and paying participants based on the impact of their contributions.

  • Blockchain for Better, Fairer Government?

    Zug, Switzerland. Dubai. The UK. Wyoming. Australia. Estonia. Governments around the world are talking about implementing blockchain tech. Matt and Kelso debate how it will all play out.

  • The Blockchain Man

    Taylor Pearson

    We grew up in an era dominated by large organizations. But the world is moving away from that. Individuals will have more sovereignty over their work than ever before, powered by blockchain protocols and micro-payments.

  • Blockchain - Dont Believe the Hype

    Obviously, we’re huge fans of distributed, decentralized ledger technology. But it has to be said that probably the vast, vast number of blockchain-related projects are outright scams, utter bullshit.