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Satoshi Nakamoto Finally Uncovered?, $800M Wallet Moves Tens of Millions, BCH Stress Test, and Hope for India

"Oooh Nancy, it is terrible out there."

C. Edward Kelso

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About the Episode

Is there finally clarity on the Satoshi Nakamoto mystery? Kelso sits in for Matt Aaron this week, and discusses how a wallet not touched for four years, containing hundreds of millions worth of BTC, is suddenly moving funds; BCH has an incredible stress test, and maybe there is finally hope for India's crypto enthusiasts; and much more news as well.

  • More clues about Satoshi Nakamoto identity
  • The Bitcoin Cash stress test results
  • BCH getting Adoption Across Canada, Europe, Australia
  • Iran approves Cryptocurrency Mining
  • The new  “beautiful” Russian cryptocurrency mining rig
  • Venezuela’s Petro is facing serious doubts about its viability
  • Indian Officials are learning about crypto from regulators in Japan, the UK, and Switzerland

About the Host

C. Edward Kelso

C. Edward Kelso has written hundreds of articles as a journalist covering a range of topics from international finance, regulation, to cryptocurrency philosophy, interviews with luminaries, and book reviews. He is a longtime journalist focusing on financial technology, with a particular emphasis on global political structures and their influence.

Being based in San Diego, California USA allows him to experience binational economic arrangements (Mexico and the United States mostly) alongside a local hub of technology sector businesses -- from genomics to mobile phones.

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