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How migrants use bitcoin without knowing it

Luis Buenaventura

Remittance payments and bitcoin.

Cady Voge

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About the Episode

This week we explore bitcoin and blockchain solutions to sending money across borders. We talk to Luis Buenaventura, a Filipino entrepreneur, and Hugo Cuevas Mohr, a strategy consultant for the money transfer industry.

2 billion people in the world are un-banked - How can bitcoin help serve these people in ways that traditional financial institutions have failed them?

Check out Luis's remittance company: Bloom Solutions

To check out Luis’ illustrations, take a look at Coindesk’s 10 Most Influential in Blockchain in 2017

Host: Cady Voge
Guests: Luis Buenaventura and Hugo Cuevas Mohr
Producers: Matt Aaron and Cady Voge

Special thanks to CjayQ for the music. Check him out on Spotify and Instagram

About the Host

Cady Voge

Cady Voge is a freelance journalist based in Bogotá, Colombia. She writes, produces radio packages, and makes videos about all kinds of topics. In Colombia she’s focused on the recent peace process there, Venezuelan migrants, and really any story highlighting people living life on the fringes of society. She’s also a documentary filmmaker, covering stories like that of an exceptional orphanage in India, and environmental degradation in Mexico. She’s fascinated by bitcoin because of the extraordinary ways that it and other applications of blockchain technology are already changing regular peoples’ lives, and she’s curious about its potential for more disruptive change to all kinds of industries in the future. Is bitcoin really as revolutionary as the invention of the Internet, like people say it is? She’s keen to find out. Follow along each week on Humans of Bitcoin for a chat between Cady and all different kinds of guests, where they’ll discuss the extraordinary stories of change in the time of digital money.

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