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Music Biz - Can Artists Have More Money + Freedom?

The music industry is a tough place for artists. Spotify, Apple, and Ticketmaster hold a powerful position. We look at SingularDTV, TuneToken, GUTS + Viberate and their quest to disrupt the ecosystem.

Matt Aaron & Nick Cuttonaro

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About the Episode

On today's episode we'll be talking about the music: recorded music and concerts.

20 years ago, Napster and the MP3 crushed record labels and artist revenue.

With Spotify, the revenue model is finally recovering (slightly).

Still, iTunes, YouTube, Ticketmaster, and Live Nation control (monopolize?) the music and concert ticket industry.

Smart contracts can hold music rights information to ensure that artists, songwriters, producers, and everyone involved in the creation of a musical work get paid out correctly and efficiently.

Blockchain tech can help artists fund their projects.

We discuss:

  • RecordGram / TuneToken - a better system for royalty transparency for artists.
  • SingularDTV - tokenized ecosystem for artists
  • Viberate - smart contracts in the negotiation between musicians, booking agencies and event organizers
  • GUTS Tickets - an app for artists, venues, and fans

Check out Nick's high school band: The Unnatural Selections

Cover photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

About the Hosts

Matt Aaron

Matt Aaron has been podcasting since 2013, when he launched the Food Startups Podcast.

He recently found a second love in cryptocurrency and blockchain and hasn't looked back.

His first major investment into cryptocurrency was the money he made betting on (but not voting for) that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election.

Matt believes that public blockchains and cryptocurrencies are the solution to the many problems exposed of the current banking system in the 2008 financial crisis.

Nick Cuttonaro

Nick Cuttonaro is the Founder & President of The Link Builders, one the of the top Online Reputation Management agencies in the world. Mr. Cuttonaro specializes in creating, protecting, and promoting leading direct-response marketing and financial services brands with an interest in promoting blockchain-based tech startups on his website

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