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Survivability in Times of Crisis, Internet Outages and Cyber Warfare - Bastyon Inventor Explains

Daniel Satchkov

Daniel Satchkov is the inventor of Bastyon. He rejoined the Podcast to talk about topics such as protecting online privacy, censorship resistance and how to build for survivability in times of crisis, internet outages and cyber warfare.

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Bastyon is a social platform that combines elements of Youtube, Twitter and Torrent; it is closing in on half a million users and growing fast. Bastyon is built on the premise that social media should be Web 3.0, decentralized with an open-source code, distributed node infrastructure and no corporate entity to control it, like the Bitcoin model. In Bastyon the users enjoy the content and moderate that content based on transparent rules, while bloggers and node operators earn Pocketcoin (PKOIN).

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