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Broxus CEO on Everscale and Developing a Universal Bridge Mechanism

Vlad Ponomarev

Vlad Ponomarev is the CEO of Broxus – one of the core developer teams of the Everscale network and architects of a cross-chain bridge platform, network-native DEX and much more.

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Everscale is the most scalable network in DeFi. With the capacity to process over a million transactions per second, Everscale is able to offer users some of the fastest transaction speeds paired with fractional fees. The Everscale ecosystem includes a cross-chain bridge platform with a unique Universal Bridge mechanism that facilitates liquidity transfers to and from virtually any network, a native DEX with some of the highest APY rates in DeFi on its staking and farming pools, and native wallets.

To learn more about the technology visit and join the community on Twitter and Discord.

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