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Bastyon Inventor Explains the Importance of Using an Open Source Social Media Platform

Daniel Satchkov

Daniel Satchkov is the inventor of Bastyon (which was originally called Pocketnet). He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the technology.

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About the Episode is a social platform built on the Bitcoin foundation. It is decentralized with no central serve. Bastyon’s codebase is open source, and everything is governed by the users themselves. Bastyon’s core concept is censorship resistance. It can work even with domains are blocked by connecting directly to the nodes. Bastyon is powered by Pocketcoin (PKOIN), a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency that pays content creators and node operators who run the network.

Daniel worked and published in the fields of quantitative finance and machine learning. In 2015 he was a winner of the prestigious Peter L. Bernstein award for the article in the Institutional Investor Journals. Daniel’s mission in inventing the Bastyon was to ensure that people can govern their own communication without arbitrary censorship from large corporations. Daniel is fascinated by the potential of Bitcoin to help secure human freedom of choice and to disrupt not just finance, but many other quasi-monopolistic industries.

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