Humans of Bitcoin


Humans of Bitcoin

  • Vinny Lingham Leads From The Front

    Vinny Lingham

    A big shark from South Africa and a veteran entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He entered the world of Bitcoin early 2013 and was responsible for 5% of all transactions Gyft. Now, he leads the startup Civic.

  • The Emperor of Bitcoin - Daniel Krawisz

    Daniel Krawisz

    He has never lived a traditional life. His curiosity for reading and exploring has led him down many paths. Today, he is a leading thinker in the bitcoin world. A tough one describe, you just have to hear his story..

  • Freedom of Code - Cody Wilson (EXCLUSIVE)

    Cody Wilson

    Cody Wilson goes way back in Bitcoin. His current work with digital blueprints for firearms could impact crypto in a big way. Learn about his mission to be a defense contractor (for the people)