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Why the Crypto Industry in Indonesia Is Set to Leapfrog Competing Markets


In this episode we talk to a local expert that explains all about the Indonesian crypto community - David, the CEO of the Indonesia-based research platform, Republik Rupiah.

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With over 270 million people, Indonesia is the fourth-most populous country in the world and its economy is one of the largest markets in Asia. It also has a large unbanked population, a receptive regulatory environment and additional factors making it stand out for crypto adoption.

Among the topics discussed in this episode are the importance of crypto education, people making a living from play-to-earn blockchain games, the growing crypto industry in Indonesia and much more.

Republik Rupiah is an Indonesia-based research platform, designed to help investors understand and navigate the world of general finance, with a focus on crypto assets. This is done through community, research, and education.

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