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A Porn Star’s Take on Cryptocurrency - Brenna Sparks

Brenna Sparks

Brenna sparks tells us why crypto means survival in the adult entertainment industry. Listen to find out why she’s a HODLer + her honest views of the infamous Legends club.

Matt Aaron

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About the Episode

Recently, a Las Vegas strip club was in the news for advertising acceptance of bitcoin.

Strippers had temporary QR code tattoos on their bodies that clients could scan for sending payment.

We wanted to find out more, so we got in touch with adult film star Brenna Sparks, who has worked at the strip club in the past.

As you'll find out, the story wasn't entirely accurate.

About the Host

Matt Aaron

Matt Aaron has been podcasting since 2013, when he launched the Food Startups Podcast.

He recently found a second love in cryptocurrency and blockchain and hasn't looked back.

His first major investment into cryptocurrency was the money he made betting on (but not voting on) that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election.

Matt believes that public blockchains and cryptocurrencies are the solution to the many problems exposed of the current banking system in the 2008 financial crisis.

A food entrepreneur, he exports exotic fruit from South America to USA.

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